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This scam watch is going for $350 to $400 on kickstarter right now. Only you can buy the same watch for $80-$90 on ebay and amazon and many other websites and these watches have been on the market for approximately 7-8 years already.

Mitch Greenblatt, Andy Greenblatt, and Terry Allison should be ashamed of themselves for trying to scam people!

Here is a link to ebay showing the same watch for $79.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Constantin-Weisz-Carousel-Watch-/290979436731?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item43bfb9d8bb&nma=true&si=JlOpY0Z%252FvPDUSieuQrPV4aPTM1Y%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

Here is a link to an article on watchuseek started 3 years ago when people were talking about this type of watch: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f72/watch-pts-karrousel-st1201-1-st1206-543522.html

Here is a link to this cheap chinese movement's manufacturer's page showing this exact movement: http://www.ptsresources.com/watch_automatic_03.htm

Here is a link to a replica watch forum on which they are talking about the xeriscope watch being low quality and way overpriced for what it is. http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/watchismo-watch-kickstarter-164182.html

These guys at watchismo - Terry Allison, Mitch Greenblatt, and Andy Greenblatt are scammers who are trying to rip people off! Avoid this low quality watch.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Doncaster, England, United Kingdom #856971

Don't use this company they are complete scammers! My watch did not arrive, they then claimed on the insurance and agreed to replace.

They then accused me of lying, They did not replace watch but kept insurance payout!!


San Francisco, California, United States #744644

We feel that it needs to be stated here that Terry Allison has no affiliation with Xeric or Watchismo as we have never heard of this person. We've never worked with, met, nor heard of Terry Allison before. Watchismo and Xeric is wholly owned by Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt and no one else.

As for the discussion on the quality of our Xeriscope watch, the only similarity here is the movement. The functions of this movement (power reserve meter, minute hand and 2nd timezone) must be in the same position due to their placement on the movement itself. We have designed an entirely new watch based upon this movement. It has more attention to finishing, leather quality and overall execution and the XERISCOPE is indeed it's own watch.

In comparison, the Swiss ETA 7750 chronograph movement is used in watches ranging from $1400 to others WELL above $5000. See some examples of the following watches, all using the same ETA 7750 chronograph movement:

Oris - Williams F1 Team Chronograph $1440

TAG Heuer - Formula 1 Chronograph $1695

Breitling - SuperOcean Chrono $3085

Panerai - Luminor Marina $6175

We feel our XERISCOPE design perfects the use of this movement and hope you do too!

The Watchismo Team

to Xeric #760151

You guys are scammers, greedy and dishonest. I'm amazed you are still in business.

You ripped me off several years ago, and sadly it looks like you're still at it. You'll get yours eventually.

Watchismo rips off consumers with slippery business practices,it's documented. Watchismo it's not a reputable company.

to Xeric #1157298

Why are you talking about an ETA 7750 movement? That is NOT what is in this watch...

The movement in this watch is a PTS ST1201, which is probably about $15-$30 depending on how many you purchase.

You randomly start talking about $2k-$6k watches and appear to be trying to deceive people into thinking your watch uses the same movement. This comment alone has made me want to shy away from your company and your watches...

to Anonymous #1157300

I wanted to add on to this previous comment of mine as well:

The movement is the most important detail of any watch. The fact that you, a watch manufacturer, are saying things like, "Yeah, it's a cheap movement, but we used a leather strap and shiny new case and 'unique' dial!" to justify your price is just... sad.

"Cheap" Chinese movements are not necessarily a bad thing by themselves, but stop comparing your watches to multi-thousand dollar Swiss examples.

to Anonymous Clifton, New Jersey, United States #1245878

They didn't though. They used a popular movement as an example where the watches hit several price points...

to Xeric Warsaw, Indiana, United States #1276344

I figured iwould go ahead and post these 2 examples... i myself just bout a watch with the Sellita sw200 for under $200...

I am buying a Xeriscope next week... yes I could buy the Constatine Weisz... but I really prefer the Xeric's watch over others I've seen. As for them being "ashamed" what for?

I've seen watches with a Ronda 5040d go for close to a grand but I have multiple and I have one I paid right around $150

You're honestly just trying to tear someone down and it's not cool. I don't see you on here offering up an alternative from your company. There's a saying... "don't be a ***"

As for you the owners of Xeric coming from a dude that collects and loves watches but can't buy crazy expensive ones.

Keto doing what you're doing... I've read about, watched your videos seen the demos and have fallen in love with your watches... regardless of what the movement cost... not like I'm going to build a watch for it...

anyway... there's always someone that is unhappy in life... besides...

I'm sure you've sold more watches than people have taken advice from this dude.



Vancouver, Washington, United States #744635

I found almost the exact same watch on ebay by Theorema. I had a order in for the xeric but has since canceled.

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