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I purchased watch worth of C$ 530, they said it is delivered successfully but I never received it. So I filed complain about this but customer service was pathetic and rude and it seems they didn't care about my complain either. I also checked with my local post office and they advise me to have sender contact them to generate service ticket but watchismo refused to do. So I paid C$530 for nothing. Never order anything from this website, you... Read more

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Watchismo - Poor customer service; shipping not applied or misleading
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I am still struggling, well after the order was shipped, to find out where it is. They do not respond to emails, to messages sent via their own account system, to messages sent via their contact forms, or via any other method. Further, their shipping practice is extremely suspect. I ordered from outside the US, paid the premium for the maximum shipping costs to ensure speedy delivery and detailed tracking (as per their shipping options), and... Read more

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My 1st clue was the fact that I didn't receive confirmation on my purchase, so I went back on and did it once more. Still didn't receive confirmation from them, but did receive an email two day later saying they received two orders from me and processed one and that the watch was being shipped. Go the watch and had it for less than two weeks and it started beeping loudly and constantly and we can't turn it off. I called, emailed multiple... Read more

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I received the Vestal DEV008 De Novo All Gunmetal watch as expected. Beautiful watch and no problem with the clasp. Came with plastic protective film on the face of the watch. Only thing was the battery was dead. I love the watch so much that it really wasn't a big deal. I also read a review where someone indicated their watch battery was dead also so it was not a huge surprise. Would order again through this company. Read more

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Defective received watch : internal mecanism problem for that watch which cost more than 1 200.00 USD. Return processed for "inspecting" before reship another running one. But no more feedback after they received it !

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  • Oct 04, 2015
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I recently ordered the new Xeric Halograph but after giving it more thought decided I couldn't afforded it at this time.I called and they cancelled the order no problem! They sent an email confirming this and gave me a 10 percent credit so that when I can afford it I'll still get it at the introductory price. I can't comment on the quality but I have 30 days to decide or Send it back for a refund!

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They will not issue a refund but best of all...they won't tell you the status of your return or refund, you have to send them multiple emails and then they don't even bother to tell if they will ship back the product that didn't pass their "return inspection." Not 100% Satisfaction for sure!! They even scratched the watch as not to take it back - we returned it in the original packaging with additional insurance and with the original plastic... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 This scam watch is going for $350 to $400 on kickstarter right now. Only you can buy the same watch for $80-$90 on ebay and amazon and many other websites and these watches have been on the market for approximately 7-8 years already. Mitch Greenblatt, Andy Greenblatt, and Terry Allison should be ashamed of themselves for trying to scam people! Here... Read more

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This kickstarter project: is obviously by Terry Allison. It is so similar to the 2RB project. These watches can be gotten for $80-$90 retail on ebay and amazon and have been around for something like 8 years - and these weasels act like they designed them and are charging 500% mark up over retail on ebay and amazon! what a scam! avoid the... Read more

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